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Winter sets in, the pandemic surges, and there are all kinds of meeting changes

A number of meetings have changed from in-person to Zoom. Some in-person meetings have temporarily closed, and some have gone hybrid.

It is important that you update your group's meeting information on the HMB Area 48 Website.

This is where everyone looks for meeting information.

The CDCO Hotline relies on the Area 48 meeting database when callers request information on meetings.

GSR Forum_v3

Sponsored by HMB Area 48

The monthly GSR interactive forums are designed to promote unity and to be the life line needed for GSRs new and old.

The forums are for discussing a host of topics, and asking questions for any GSR, or anyone interested in becoming a GSR.

You do not have to be a member of Area 48. All are welcome.

Here's your chance to do service, and it's a unique position........

The CDCO is looking for an Alternate Data Coordinator:

The Alternate Data Coordinator shall assist the Data Coordinator in whatever duties the Data Coordinator needs help with.

Included is the preparation of the monthly and annual reports presented to the Steering Committee by the Data Coordinator.

Data Analysis and coordination 3

Two years of consecutive sobriety is suggested for this position. The term shall be two years.


New Publication: A Visual History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

To be released February 14th

Originally developed as the souvenir book for the 2020 International Convention, this highly illustrated tour through A.A.’s history is told in hundreds of iconic images never before published in one volume. Illuminating descriptions walk us through powerful moments in A.A.’s history — from the people, places and things integral to A.A.’s early growth, and forward to today’s vibrant, international Fellowship. Includes a focus on Detroit in A.A.’s history and updated coverage of recent innovations in A.A. group life.

The CDCO can help your group to go digital and collect online contributions from your group members.

We know that many groups still have expenses like rent and literature, but since they are not meeting in person, the basket is not being passed.

We also know that it can be challenging to mix personal and group funds in the treasurer's personal bank account.

We will be reaching out to the GSRs in district meetings and we hope to make announcements during online meetings offering our help.
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2021 SENY Convention


MARCH 5 - 7


Please consider donating to these A.A service levels this month !

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CDCO Donate

Highlights from the February 2021 CDCO Steering Committee Meeting

We've pulled out a few items from the February 2021 meeting of the CDCO steering committee to highlight in this newsletter.

The Central Office handles well over 100 calls each month on the hotline, which are critical to extending the hand of A.A. to those in need. In this issue we highlight 5 such calls involving newcomers. A link to the call summaries is below.

The past year was a trying one for finances. The A.A. General Service Office was particularly hard hit and took remedial efforts in order to continue operations - including a well-received plea for financial support. Thanks to these efforts, the GSO was able to get through the year and expressed its thanks for the continued trust and guidance that A.A. members and groups demonstrated. We've included a link to the letter of gratitude below.

The CDCO was also required to exercise efforts to reduce office expenses and to comply with New York State COVID-19 guidance which resulted in the office being completely closed for a number of months. We have since opened the office 3 days a week on a limited schedule for curbside pickups. Most of our volunteers are at-risk, which prevents us from opening more often. However, as the vaccine rates go up, you will see us more .

As we were challenged with receiving contributions, we produced our own "Plea for Help" which was published on the CDCO Home page. We adopted PayPal online to receive donations and encouraged groups to do the same. The Central Office was actually able to end this challenging year with almost $500 more than when we started. This is all thanks to you, and your generous support.

Our 2020 annual financial report is available through a link below. We present a graph which shows how expenses far outweighed contributions during the pandemic months, and how there was a rapid infusion of donations following our "Plea for Help".

We have recently launched a new recruitment effort to attract more volunteers. We've recruited an alternate treasurer; who will assist in a campaign to help groups adapt the 7th tradition to the digital world (see our 7th tradition highlighted in this newsletter). A new alternate volunteer coordinator will be coming on board in the next couple of weeks. Last, we have included a notice seeking to recruit an assistant data coordinator in this newsletter. We have needs for assistance for the literature chair, the secretary, and the CDCO chair as well. Our online efforts for our public website, and our private volunteer website, continue to grow and we may need to seek assistance in this area as well.
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Zoom CDCO March 9th

In Loving Memory Andrea A. 1964 - 2021

Andrea had a passion for jewelry and was well known for her collection. Andrea was also an avid collector of rocks and crystals. Andrea was a long term member in the Capital District recovery community where she helped many women enter into a new life of sobriety. Andrea was Happy, Joyous and Free. Andrea loved to travel and always looked forward to her annual vacation on the Jersey Shore.
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