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The A.A. Capital District Central Office Newsletter

Here's some of what's going on......

It's here ..... The first new Area 48 Newsletter of the year. It's loaded with great stuff; the General Service Conference Agenda, A.A. History, Trivia, a cartoon ... and more. Check it out at the link below.

Do you know what else you should be checking out? It's the Delegate Connection. Our new Panel 72 Delegate, Tammie E., will host a virtual meeting on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.

The meeting will provide the latest on what's new at the GSO. You can learn more about General Service, and share you conscience on what's happening in the Fellowship. The link below leads to a great new website that Tammie has put together.

We all wish that meetings would not open, close, or change as often as they have been. A.A. is evolving much the way businesses are. Making use of the Internet has helped many of us adapt. To that end, the Area has published the
2022 Meeting Schedule Tri-fold Pamphlet.

Last, don't forget about NERAASA 2022 - February 25-27

Please consider sharing this newsletter with a friend. Just forward the email.
Click below for more details on what's going on:
The following speaker event is sponsored by the Inter-county Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous -
San Francisco & Marin County
Call Marty

Help carry the message.....

Service doesn't have to be a huge commitment. There are many ways to help the still-suffering alcoholic.
If you have experience with a computer updating forms, or typing content we have a spot for you.

If you can spend just an hour a month updating our website Events calendar it would go a long way in carrying the message.
Pick up A.A. Conference Approved & Grapevine Literature at the CDCO
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Please.... Try to remember to bring your own bag when picking up your items.

The CDCO Monthly Reports:

Each month the Central Office publishes its operating reports. These include our financial report, meeting minutes, our literature report, and call reports relating to the volume, location, and type of calls. If you are interested, please check these out:

The CDCO is always in need of volunteers to help carry the message. You may know that we provide helpline services 24x7x365, but did you know that we are staffed entirely by A.A. volunteers? Please consider doing service in the coming year.

Our volunteers occasionally need to take time off and we could certainly use some backups to answer the phone in the evening, or pitch in at the CDCO during office hours.

A.A. Helpline (518) 463-0906

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