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NENY Area 48 will be hosting its Annual Convention November 4th - 6th in Poughkeepsie, NY. Please check out the 2022 NENY Convention website. You won't want to miss it. Registration is now open. The convention is looking for volunteers too!

Your group can sponsor some time at the convention Hospitality Room. This is an excellent opportunity for group members to have great fun together - while doing service. Please check the details in Sponsoring the Hospitality Room.

Please keep in mind that NENY Area 48 has a Technology Committee which meets the third Tuesday of each month. This is an excellent way to participate in a type of fellowship that is sure to broaden your tech horizons.

Celebrate fellowship and service with friends, food, and more. Fellowship Day is September 17th. It's hybrid this year, as is the October Voting Assembly in East Greenbush, NY; hosted by the eastern Cluster on October 15th.
Click the links below for more details on what's going on:

Technology Committee

NENY 2022 Area 48 Convention

You'll find the 2022 NENY Area 48 Convention both enlightening and rewarding.

AA’s Three Legacies
Our Common Solution

The Three Legacies of AA are: recovery, unity and service.
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The CDCO has a wide variety of books and pamphlets published by A.A. World Services and the A.A. Grapevine.
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The CDCO Monthly Reports:

Each month the Central Office publishes its operating reports. These include our financial report, meeting minutes, our literature report, and call reports relating to the volume, location, and type of calls. If you are interested, please check these out:

The CDCO is always in need of volunteers to help carry the message. You may know that we provide helpline services 24x7x365, but did you know that we are staffed entirely by A.A. volunteers? Please consider doing service in the coming year.

Our volunteers occasionally need to take time off and we could certainly use some backups to answer the phone in the evening, or pitch in at the CDCO during office hours.

A.A. Helpline (518) 463-0906

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