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The A.A. Capital District Central Office Newsletter

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It's that time of the year again. Time for Alcathons, Alkathons and Alcothons, a fun time for us indeed. A time for fellowship, friendship, and a great, safe place to be.

Districts 1, 5, and 11 are on the board so far for December 24/25. Districts 1 and 5 will also host on New Year's. Pine Grove Methodist Church will again be the District 1 venue and District 5 will be hosting at the Saratoga Springs Methodist Church. The District 11 Winter Alcothon will be at St. John's Lutheran Church in Poughkeepsie.

Check out the details for these events in the links below. We don't have the latest District 1 Flier, however we do know that they would welcome a dish if you could bring one.

Also coming up is Orientation Day 2023 on January 21st and a Corrections Service Workshop on February 3rd. Both of these events will be virtual, so no need to get the snow shovels out. Details are in those links below.

The big event this winter will be the Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly - NERAASA. This year the event is being hosted by NENY Area 48 in Albany, NY February 23 - 26 at the Desmond Hotel. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in one of AA's great events. It doesn't come around here often.

Please keep in mind that NENY Area 48 has a Technology Committee which meets the third Tuesday of each month. This is an excellent way to participate in a type of service that is sure to broaden your horizons. Details are outlined in the Technology Committee Flyer below. Please plan on joining - you don't have to be a techie - we need help all around - plus, we can make you a techie.
Click the links below for more details on what's going on:

Tech Committee December
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The CDCO Monthly Reports:

Each month the Central Office publishes its operating reports. These include our financial report, meeting minutes, our literature report, and call reports relating to the volume, location, and type of calls. If you are interested, please check these out:

The CDCO is always in need of volunteers to help carry the message. You may know that we provide helpline services 24x7x365, but did you know that we are staffed entirely by A.A. volunteers? Please consider doing service in the coming year.

Our volunteers occasionally need to take time off and we could certainly use some backups to answer the phone in the evening, or pitch in at the CDCO during office hours.

A.A. Helpline (518) 463-0906

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