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The CDCO has a critical need for a couple of volunteers due to the unexpected leave of two Office Volunteers; due to health, and to a personal obligation. We now have a couple of 4-hour periods open every other Monday.

A great way to do service

Now for the news.......
The Northeast Regional Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly - NERAASA was a tremendous success. Hosted by NENY Area 48 in Albany, NY February 23 - 26 at the Desmond Hotel.

There were 1,000+ in-person registrations. The multiple hybrid sessions averaged close to 50 online participants each. The NERAASA committee volunteers did an amazing job. They were assisted by the Area 48 Technical Committee who provided an App for attendees and handled all of the hybrid production. The CDCO volunteers did an outstanding job providing literature, and helping out Area Literature Chair Allen V. at the Area 48 Literature table.

The CDCO also hosted an Ebby Thatcher table with handouts on Ebby T. and his gravesite. The NERAASA 23 App included a link to an Ebby Thatcher overview which included a map with GPS directions to the site. This overview is now included in the CDCO website and was produced with research and photographs from our CDCO Treasurer Gene R, along with help from CDCO volunteer Billy R. You can find it through the link below.

The Area 48 Delegate's Day of Sharing is this Saturday - March 18th and will be hosted by the Central Cluster; Districts 4, 8, & 14. Next month the Area will sponsor Fellowship Day on April 15th.

Also this month we have a story by our CDCO Volunteer Coordinator, Allan D.
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Please keep in mind that NENY Area 48 has a Technology Committee that meets on the third Tuesday of each month. This is an excellent way to participate in a type of service that is sure to broaden your horizons. Please plan on joining. The link is above. You don't have to be a techie - we need help all around.


by Allan D., CDCO Volunteer
I grew up in a small farming town. I was involved in my church, little league baseball, high school soccer, and Boy Scouts. I worked at the local grocery store and was active in the school band. No matter where I was, I always knew someone, whether it be directly from these activities or friends of my parents, church members, or local business owners.

I now live in Latham which is a run on town that never really ends. To the north you seamlessly transition into Clifton Park and to the south the city of Albany. To the east is Troy and to the west is Schenectady.

You would think it'd be less likely to run into people I know with so many people in these towns. But you'd be wrong. I see someone I know almost every time I go somewhere. It might be from work or from an organization I'm involved in but many times it's someone in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. We live in all towns, attend all churches, are involved in all activities.

Members of AA are not segregated into a certain place. We live among everyone. Yet we are our own, close-knit community.

And for that, I am thankful. I'll see you around.

Ebby Thacher - Bill W's Sponsor

Ebby Thacher was born in Albany, NY. He was a drinking pal of Bill W. and reached out to Bill to discuss his new-found sobriety. Although sober for just two months, Ebby was able to help Bill to become sober and became his sponsor.

We now have a special page on the CDCO Website which provides information on Ebby T., as well as gravesite photos and GPS directions.

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