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The central office said goodbye this month to a founding member who exemplified A.A. service in the finest tradition. A tribute to Tom O appears in this issue.

Here's what's going on ......

The NENY Area 48 Election Assembly is coming up on Saturday September 23rd. It is being held in Saratoga Springs and will be a hybrid assembly as well. Election assemblies are held every two years. The delegate and other area officers are elected for two year terms. Please consider joining this important function.

So far, we're aware of a couple of thrilling events coming in October. Head to the Big Apple on the 7th for a Murder Mystery Party. Make sure you pre-register by email. District 5 is hosting its annual Halloween Party & Dance on Saturday October 28th - Scary fun.

Please remember that the NENY Area 2023 Convention in Utica, NY will be held November 3rd thru the 5th.

The CDCO is looking for steering committee volunteers. These positions focus on the newsletter, literature / bookstore, call reporting from both office and night owl volunteers. Other positions provide assistance in helping with website reports, and events updating.

With Gratitude ......

The CDCO celebrates the life of Tom O, a man that touched many lives through central office service work. Tom had just celebrated his 87th birthday, along with receiving his 38th year medallion, before he gained his wings.

Tom was there at the very beginning of the CDCO in 2004; he played an integral role in getting the office off the ground, including crafting our by-laws and office procedures.

Tom was also part of the decision to move the central office from Menands to Albany in 2014. Tom's faith assisted us with this decision as we were unsure if we would be able to pay the rent increase and other expenses. This decision turned out to be better than we expected, and our groups and districts stepped up and provided much needed support. Because of this the CDCO has blossomed.

As an office volunteer Tom took hundreds of phone calls, providing information, encouragement, and help to many people over the years, right up until the very end. Tom was also our group information and data coordinator. He diligently updated group changes to help us provide accurate meeting information to callers, and he submitted monthly reports detailing all the calls we have received over the years. These efforts provided an accurate picture of the service we provided to the districts we serve, as well as service to anyone who called us for help from anywhere in the world!

Tom was sobriety personified. He was deeply spiritual, humble, and always attuned to be helpful to others- no matter what! All of us at the central office will miss Tom greatly, but we know that he is with us now and always in spirit, and we will continue to do our best to provide help to alcoholics everywhere to honor his legacy of service.

Respectfully submitted by:

Fred F and Trish Mc

Halloween Dance in Saratoga Springs, NY

Yes, District 18 is still in need of a DCM.

The Daily Women's Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous

This is doing A.A. Service?

A unique way of carrying the message.

This position assists the IT Coordinator with the coordination of CDCO technology such as phones, computers, printers, routers, and Internet services.

The Alternate IT Coordinator helps oversee operations relevant to maintaining an effective presence on the Internet for both the CDCO public website and CDCO-Net; the secure Volunteer web resource portal.

Conference Approved Literature

A.A. Helpline (518) 463-0906

The CDCO Monthly Reports:

Each month the Central Office publishes its operating reports. These include our financial report, meeting minutes, our literature report, and call reports relating to the volume, location, and type of calls. If you are interested, please check these out:

A.A. Helpline (518) 463-0906

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