Ebby Thacher

Ebby Thacher was born in Albany, NY. He was a drinking pal of Bill W. and reached out to Bill to discuss his new-found sobriety. Although sober for just two months, Ebby was able to help Bill to become sober and became his sponsor.

Ebby outlined for Bill a simple spiritual program of action that was to help shape the basis of AA’s 12 steps. With Ebby’s help, Bill W. worked the steps, emphasizing the need to work with other alcoholics to grow spiritually.

Ebby is buried in the Albany Rural Cemetery just a short drive from the Capital District Central Office.

Ebby’s gravesite is somewhat out-of-the-way in Section 56, Lot 24. It is midway up Middle Ridge Road.

Thatcher Family Gravesite

View from Middle Ridge Road

View from below the family gravesite

Ebby’s Grave Marker

Directions to Ebby’s Gravesite

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