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April showers certainly bring May flowers along with new plants - like the Bill W. Plant. Check out the details on the Bill W. plant now at the Central Office.

In other news......

On May 20th NENY Area 48 will be holding the Spring Voting Assembly in Whitesboro, NY - near Utica. In addition to regular business there are 3 area proposals on the agenda:
  1. Service manual update on the Area Event Scholarship
  2. Make all area events hybrid
  3. Update Service Manual on Trifold Meeting List

The Northeast Regional Forum is just around the corner in Boston June 2-4

Regional Forums are designed to enhance communication and participation between A.A. members, the General Service Board and staff and directors from the General Service Office and AA Grapevine.

Passing it on – The Bill W. Plant

There’s another gift from Bill W. that is helping to keep A.A. recovery alive: the Bill W. Plant. It’s a phenomenon that many of you may be familiar with; a Swedish Ivy with a remarkable story behind it.

Bill W. died on January 24th, 1971 in Miami. In his hospital room was a plant that his wife Lois took to their home Stepping Stones, in Katonah, NY. She cared for it there until the mid 80’s. It was an extremely hardy plant requiring minimal care. As the story goes – she gave it to her housekeeper who in turn gave it to Michael M. of Atlanta.

Lois had asked that cuttings from the plant be shared with A.A. members in memory of Bill. Michael was a great choice as he spread cuttings of the plant to A.A. members around the globe.

This is a growing vehicle of recovery; it is often referrd to as a “true A.A. plant” - because whenever it is passed on, two new shoots replace the one passed on and your plant grows even stronger.

Stop by for a cutting

The CDCO has its own Bill W,. Plant in our 11 Computer Dr. Office in Albany, NY. It is from a cutting of Bill’s original plant.

If you would like to pass it on yourself please stop by for a cutting. You can place it in a wet paper towel and help it generate new roots at home.

Cuttings will be provided based on availability. If we can't provide a cutting when you visit we do have a backup plant that we can use for regeneration and supply you with a cutting relatively soon.
Please keep in mind that NENY Area 48 has a Technology Committee that meets on the third Tuesday of each month. This is an excellent way to participate in a type of service that is sure to broaden your horizons. Please plan on joining. The link is above. You don't have to be a techie - we need help all around.

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