A.A. Literature

A.A. Literature

Your CDCO has for sale A.A.W.S. conference-approved literature, including books, pamphlets and other service materials, as well as most books published by the AA Grapevine. (We have nearly all of them)

Groups and individuals are invited to visit the Central Office and to purchase literature, or to contact us by calling (518) 463-0906 or by emailing us at literature@give2aa.org to order literature. We do not ship literature. If we do not have an item you need, we will be glad to order it for you so that you can pick it up at our office.

The Central Office buys its literature directly from A.A.W.S. and the Grapevine. Because we buy the literature in bulk, shipping charges are waived, and we are able to pass these savings on to the buyer.

Literature available from the CDCO

The following literature is available for Purchase from the CDCO. Price includes sales tax.

Meeting Schedules are $0.50

Check must be made payable to: CDCO

A.A. Conference-Approved Literature

B-1Alcoholics Anonymous (hard cover)$10.00
B-30Alcoholics Anonymous (soft cover)$9.75
B-16Alcoholics Anonymous (large print)$11.00
B-35Alcoholics Anonymous (soft cover pocket size)$5.25
B-0Alcoholics Anonymous, 75th Anniversary Edition$12.50
SB-1Alcoholicos Anonymos (Spanish, hard cover)$10.00
SB-30Alcoholicos Anonymos (Spanish, soft cover)$9.75
B-24Alcoholics Anonymous (abridged large print)$6.25
B-3A.A. Comes of Age$10.00
B-13A.A. in Prison: Inmate to Inmate$2.50
B-5As Bill Sees It (hard cover)$9.50
B-18As Bill Sees It (soft cover)$9.25
B-27As Bill Sees It (large print)$10.00
B-6Came to Believe$5.25
B-26Came to Believe (large print)$5.50
SB-6Came to Believe (Spanish)$5.00
B-12Daily Relections$11.00
B-19Daily Reflections (large print)$11.50
B-8Dr. Bob & the Good-Old-Timers$11.00
B-10Pass It on boxed set$23.00
B-20Experience, Strength and Hope$5.75
B-7Living Sober$5.25
B-25Living Sober (large print)$5.50
SB-7Living Sober (Spanish)$5.25
B-9Pass It On$11.75
BM-31Service Manual/12 Concepts$3.75
B-212 Steps and 12 Traditions (hard cover)$9.50
B-1512 Steps and 12 Traditions (soft cover)$8.75
B-412 Steps and 12 Traditions (gift edition, hard cover)$8.75
B-1412 Steps and 12 Traditions (large print)$8.75
B-1712 Steps and 12 Traditions (pocket soft cover)$7.00
SB-1512 Steps and 12 Traditions (Spanish)$8.75
B-70Our Great Responsibility$10.75
M-2Wallet Card$0.10
 HMB Area 48 Meeting Schedule$0.40
 Meeting in A Pocket (1 free with each order, 2 free w/$50 order, 3 free w/$100 order)$0.25

A.A. Grapevine Literature
GV-22A Rabbit Walks Into A Bar$12.25
GV-20Beginner’s Book$12.25
BB-06Best of Bill$5.50
GV-15The Home Group$12.25
GV-17Emotional Sobriety (soft cover)$12.25
GV-26Emotional Sobriety II$12.25
GV-34Forming True Partnerships$12.25
GV-32Grapevine Daily Quote Book (soft cover)$12.25
GV-19In Our Own Words$12.25
GV-28Into Action$12.25
GV-11Language of the Heart (soft cover)$14.50
GV-31No Matter What (soft cover)$12.25
GV-30One on One$12.25
GV-35Our Twelve Traditions$12.25
GV-33Sober and Out$12.25
GV-14Spiritual Awakenings (soft cover)$12.25
GV-23Spiritual Awakenings II (soft cover)$12.25
GV-25Step by Step$12.25
GV-27Young and Sober (soft cover)$12.25
GV-36Making Amends$12.25
GV-37Voices of Women in AA$12.25
GV-38AA in the Military$12.25
GV-39One Big Tent$12.25
MS-04Slogans (set)$4.75

Prices are current as of 12 March, 2019

The CDCO can accept cash (exact change helpful) or checks for literature purchases. Checks must be made out to “CDCO” and must include the account holder’s phone number.

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