Thank you for your interest in volunteering for A.A. service as the Capital District Central Office alternate treasurer.

It may help to understand the role of treasurer. Our by-laws describe the position as follows:

Treasurer: The treasurer is elected by the CDCO membership to serve for a two-year term. He or she has custody of the funds of the Central office and maintains records of all assets, income, and disbursements of the Office. The treasurer ensures that all office bills are approved and paid in a timely manner and provides written reports to the Office’s monthly business meetings and a written annual report at year’s end. A minimum of five years of continuous sobriety is suggested for the office of Treasurer.

Alternate Treasurer: is approved to serve by the CDCO membership without a defined period of service. The alternate treasurer will serve as an assistant to the treasurer. An introduction to CDCO financial record keeping will be provided, Specific projects will be rolled out by both the treasurer and alternate treasurer.

The initial project will be for the alternate treasurer to become familiar with the 7th Tradition in the digital world; the challenges faced by groups to both collect contributions from group members, and contribute to different A.A. service levels (i.e., HMB Area 48 and A.A. GSO).

The alternate treasurer candidate may familiarize themselves with the 7th Tradition as challenged in the pandemic environment by visiting:

Please complete this brief application to be considered:

Volunteer for CDCO Alt Treasurer

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