Technology and A.A.

It’s interesting to note that A.A. was started six years before the advent of the television in the United States. Television arrived in 1941, the same year the publication of “Alcoholics Anonymous”, by Jack Alexander, appeared in the March edition of the Saturday Evening Post.

It was by letters, newspapers, and magazines that people learned of things new. You had to go to the library to look something up. Today we have Google.

A.A. has changed dramatically in the way that we share information. A.A. meetings, events, and groups are all found online today. The Internet has played a large role in the evolution of our fellowship, and presented challenges in maintaining our anonymity.

NENY Area 48, the Capital District Central Office, A.A. World Services, the Grapevine, as well as districts and groups, and individuals depend more and more on the Internet.

NENY Area 48 maintains a website, and hosts websites for our delegate and GSRs, which all help to carry the message. This online presence is vital to the area community. The CDCO maintains a public website dedicated to 6 districts within the area and helpful to the remaining districts as well. The helpline maintained by the CDCO is staffed by A.A. volunteers who depend on a secure, private, volunteer website to provide callers with A.A. information from meetings to 12th step resources and event notification.

A.A. membership continues to be strong, and was so even during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time Online meetings and the Internet became even more important.

All of this requires trusted servants to help carry the message in the Internet. Help is needed to build and maintain informative websites and newsletters. Online meeting tools often require coordination in dedicated and hybrid venues; whether they be the weekly A.A. meeting, or the area 48 Convention.

There is a large pool of A.A. members who posses the skills necessary to help carry the message. Whether that skill is in productivity tools like spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing – or in web development and design.

What a great way to do service in A.A. today. We are interested in you, and, regardless of your skill level, we want to help you help your fellow alcoholic through technology.

Area 48 has a Technology Committee which meets once each month to explore ways to better carry our message. Please consider joining us in one of the meetings – you might just find that you can help.

Every fourth Wednesday- 7:00 PM
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