Volunteer 12th Step signup

12th Step service is vital to an A.A. member’s continuing spiritual development. The CDCO maintains 12th Step lists for the groups in each district we serve.

Please consider signing up to make yourself available to give rides to a meeting for A.A.’s visiting from out of town, or people new to the Fellowship. You will also have the opportunity to talk on the phone or go on a 12th Step call with another A.A. to share your experience, strength and hope with somebody who has called CDCO looking for help.

Your contact information will be held in the strictest confidence by CDCO, which does not provide A.A. member contact information to any callers or other entities. You are given their contact information – they are not given your information.

Volunteer 12th Step List
What type of 12 step services are you willing to perform?
If you are also available to Volunteer in the Office please indicate below:
When are you able to volunteer for Night Owl phone/hotline services?

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