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With winter ending, a number of important events are ahead of us.

The 71st General Service Conference is in April. As a prelude, Area 48 is calling upon GSRs and DCMs to provide input to our service conference delegate. A day of Sharing, hosted by the Western Cluster, is set for March 14th - GSRs and DCMs please take note.

The CDCO welcomed some new members to its steering committee this month. District 2 has both a new DCM (Terry B.), and a new Central Office Representative (Jackie V.).

We now have an Alternate Volunteer Coordinator; Gene R. Gene is a longtime Night Owl working the CDCO hotline, as well. Joining us as Alternate Treasurer is Jessica W. Jessica is already working to develop a special project, focusing on the "Digital 7th Tradition" along with the Alternate Treasurer of Area 48 (Kate O.), and District 1's Treasurer (Bill N.)

The Central Office is continuing to recruit volunteers. This month's newsletter has a volunteer listing for Alternate Data Coordinator. Please considering joining the CDCO as an Alternate Volunteer. As an Alternate, there is no term commitment. We hope to familiarize new volunteers with the CDCO as a whole, and to other volunteer positions which may be available to them.

MEETINGS - Please help keep them up to date.

A number of meetings have changed from in-person to Zoom. Some in-person meetings have temporarily closed, and some have gone hybrid.

It is important that you update your group's meeting information on the HMB Area 48 Website.

This is where everyone looks for meeting information.

The CDCO Hotline relies on the Area 48 meeting database when callers request information on meetings.

GSRs and DCMs

Please take Note!

The General Service Conference is the practical means by which the Group conscience in the U.S. and Canada can express itself in matters that concern A.A. as a whole.

The Conference exists to ensure that A.A. will be able to function - regardless of what may impact the fellowship.

Bill W., and the A.A. founders, set forth in the A.A. Service Manual, the structure and Concepts necessary to embody the work within the framework of the Twelve Traditions.

Speaking of GSRs ..........

GSR Forum_v3

Sponsored by HMB Area 48

The monthly GSR interactive forums are designed to promote unity and to be the life line needed for GSRs new and old.

The forums are for discussing a host of topics, and asking questions for any GSR, or anyone interested in becoming a GSR.

You do not have to be a member of Area 48. All are welcome.

Here's your chance to do service, and it's a unique position........

The CDCO is looking for an Alternate Data Coordinator:

The Alternate Data Coordinator shall assist the Data Coordinator in whatever duties the Data Coordinator needs help with.

Included is the preparation of the monthly and annual reports presented to the Steering Committee by the Data Coordinator.


Two years of consecutive sobriety is suggested for this position. There is no term for this position. text.

New Publication: A Visual History of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Now on sale - come pick it up

Originally developed as the souvenir book for the 2020 International Convention, this highly illustrated tour through A.A.’s history is told in hundreds of iconic images never before published in one volume. Illuminating descriptions walk us through powerful moments in A.A.’s history — from the people, places and things integral to A.A.’s early growth, and forward to today’s vibrant, international Fellowship. Includes a focus on Detroit in A.A.’s history and updated coverage of recent innovations in A.A. group life.

The CDCO can help your group to go digital and collect online contributions from your group members.

We know that many groups still have expenses like rent and literature, but since they are not meeting in person, the basket is not being passed.

We also know that it can be challenging to mix personal and group funds in the treasurer's personal bank account.

We will be reaching out to the GSRs in district meetings and we hope to make announcements during online meetings offering our help.

Please consider donating to these A.A service levels this month !

GSO Donate
Area 48 Donate large
CDCO Donate

Highlights from the March 2021 CDCO Steering Committee Meeting

District 2

There is a new District 2 DCM; Terry B. Terry joined the CDCO steering committee meeting and introduced the new District 2 Central Office Representative; Jackie V. We're glad to have Jackie, who will be participating in each monthly CDCO meeting.

District 18

District 18 welcomed both a new DCM; Liz D., and an Alternate DCM; Trish M. We welcome them both. In fact, District 18 filled virtually all positions. The monthly District meeting is now changing to the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 PM.

Carrying the message

Here's a great example of a group demonstrating the 5th Tradition; Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

The District 1 Saturday morning Men's Eye-Opener group had a "pandemic's worth" of Grapevine issues, unopened - in the original wrapping. The group brought the issues to the Central Office, and our Volunteer Coordinator (Fred F.) took them to Inmate Services at the Albany County Correctional Facility.

Now that's an "eye-opening" way of carrying the message for sure!
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